Originally posted by mistress-gif. Originally posted by christmas-winter. Summary : Hopper lets you all stay at the cabin the night before Christmas Eve and Billy gets a bit jealous. You can watch the video here! Tagged For: yoinkpeter - samuel-maurice - total-fucktrash - fangirlinganditswonders - please-lives-are-at-stake - house-in-charmingtown-imagines. Keep reading. Let me know what you think! Originally posted by dacresource.

It was hot, the unforgiving Indiana sun rays beating down on your chest as you tried your best to stay in the shadow of your umbrella.

You canceled out the joyous screams and laughter coming from the water as you relaxed, sunglasses perched gently on the bridge of your nose. Summary: You had always been a late bloomer, but no one expected you to wind up in the arms of Hawkins newest keg king, Billy Hargrove. This story is full of awkward firsts and painful confessions; welcome to The Late Bloomers Club. Originally posted by chasemisprintedlies. Amongst your own small group of friends, Talia, Jeanne and Sarah-Anne, you coined yourselves as the Late Bloomers Club; by the twelfth grade, you were the last remaining member.

First, it was Talia who had been swept off her feet by Dean Acker, who was probably the most talented artist in all of Hawkins. He had slicked back, brown curly hair and patch-covered denim coats.

Jeanne had dated a boy from Crown Point, Marcus Lattimore, on and off throughout the summer. Sue Ellen met Cory Andre at her theatre class. The first time you met him you instantly felt uneasy; not only was he rude but he was almost menacing; it was like he enjoyed making those around him uncomfortable. In fact, you were excited to hear their stories of romance - that is until their personalities slowly began to change. Every Friday consisted of you tagging along with the three couples, whilst enduring endless hours of awkward chatter and wishing you had stayed home.

None the less, you powered through. Cory took it upon himself to make a cruel remark at your expense which left you feeling self-conscious about eating in front of others. As the night progressed things began to escalate. One thing led to another and the others were trying to convince you to follow them into one of the storefronts that had been under construction.

They thought it would be cool to explore the empty facility and screw around, but you had a bad feeling and refused. They called you boring and left you in the lamplight alone, as their laughs echoed from within the confines of the general store. It was after that night, that your friends began to distance themselves from you. It would be the nights that they claimed they were busy with important things like work or family matter when the reality was they were hanging out together without you.Originally posted by xananeedscoffee.

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Hold On : requested. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. Maybe where he gets in a fight with his dad and reader invites him to their house? Originally posted by strangersthingsdaily.

billy hargrove fanfiction oc

As soon as the cold material touched his skin, he hissed at the sensation. The two of you were leaning against his car, parked in front of the mall that was swarmed with people doing last-minute shopping.

You crossed your arms over your chest, feeling the cold air of the December afternoon creeping under the layers of your clothing. The splits were getting deeper, the bruises forming under his eye were bigger and he was behaving more hostile at school. Billy sighed and his breath was perfectly visible due to low temperatures. He threw the can into his car and turned his head towards you. Keep reading. Originally posted by hollywood-movies-and-tv-fanatics.

Summary : Billy gets a summer job as a life guard at a water park in the next town over. He never expects to find a family in the rag tag group of people who work with him.

Season 3! Billy because baby boy deserves all the love and happiness in the world. Summer in Arbor Pines, Indiana was my absolute favorite time of year. I spent almost every summer since I was 14 working there becoming a somewhat dysfunctional but loving family with the rest of the staff. I blew my horn at the blue camaro who cut me off at the gas station sticking my middle finger up at the driver as I pulled my jeep into the gas station.

I hummed pulling out a wad of cash from my pocket. Do you give any friends and family discounts? I gave a quick wave goodbye as I headed back to my Jeep. I liked the idea of each one having their different theme and ideal love story- Yet, staying with the idea and flow like her songs and music. I do end up changing her name from time to time. I forgot to mention I had Mena Survari in mind as Ronnie. She was sat criss cross with a cigarette held between middle and index fingers. Billy ran his gaze along her slender torso.

She wore a white crop top tank with high waisted short shorts with her combat boots were loosely laced. Within what felt like minutes-she locked eyes with Billy. She gave him a small wink and finished her drink.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You grew up in the lab along with Kali and Jane. When Kali escapes the lab, you manage to escape with her. When Jane finds the two of you, you're not sure what to make of her.

You think she's going to be like Kali, but Jane manages to surprise you. You decide to go back to Hawkins with her when she leaves to save her friends and manage to find your way to the kind of life you've wanted all along.

Steve barely heard his own scream as the doctor pulled. The room lurched sideways as his vision rocked, his head fell against his chest as he closed his eyes to everything. The pain in his hand was excruciating, his heart was pounding. He barely heard a thing over the pounding in his ears but he could definitely feel the scream tearing at his throat. Dustin is faced with a difficult choice.

When he makes it, he can't help but feel like he's sentenced Steve to death. Stranded far from home with no way back, Steve must work with everything he has to survive and stop an ever-growing threat to a home made unrecognisable by the aftermath of tragedy Starts midway through season 3, major spoilers for the whole show.

Trigger warnings in individual chapters. A night late poolside conversation between two boys who've been holding their feelings back until now. Billy is lounging, fully relaxed in just his lifeguard shorts, legs swirling in the water and leaning back on his hands.

Steves breathes in the quiet, peaceful moment. Alexandra Winchester had absolutely no time for this. Seriously, she was supposed to be having the time of her life right now but instead she was currently freezing her ass off as she stumbled through the pitch black woods, having no idea how she got there. Time Travel. I have decided to post all of my Harringrove drabbles, ficlets, and writings from Tumblr over here as well.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Alexandra Winchester had absolutely no time for this. Seriously, she was supposed to be having the time of her life right now but instead she was currently freezing her ass off as she stumbled through the pitch black woods, having no idea how she got there. Time Travel. Immediately following the events of Something About The Clouds, a strange occurrence in Hawkins changes Billy and Chrissy's lives forever.

One night, instead of meeting up with Tommy and Carol, Billy finds himself getting mixed up in the stranger side of Hawkins. Billy based sequel to Bird on the Wire. So Billy survived and now everything's- Well, he has no idea what'll happen next. But it's all good, isn't it? It's all behind him. He can move on- even with the weird marks on his body and his damaged car- At least for the latter there's a newly unemployed Steve Harrington hanging around, wanting to be helpful, and willing to drive him where he needs to go.

Ella spent her whole life protected in a bubble one crafted by her so called loving parents. The move to Hawkins should have signaled freedom but instead it felt like the moving from one cage to another. She should stay away from him right?

billy hargrove fanfiction oc

Still when the chance to be a bird outside of its pretty cage presented itself, Ella saw what true freedom could be. Pink tongue sliding over the paper when your eyes lock. Way too intimate. Butterflies, fireworks, flames. The joint gets perched between two enticing lips.

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He lights it, takes a drag, breathes out smoke and points the burning cherry in your direction. Billy and Camille make the mistake of teasing each other the entire day while they plan for a memorable Halloween.Billy sat in fourth period, Algebra 2, absentmindedly doodling on the front page of his notebook. He had zoned out near the beginning of class, but that was only because he was excited to see Dominique at lunch. He wanted to talk her into ditching the rest of the day and go to the next town over, where they had been going out a lot to lately to get away from shitty Hawkins.

A hand slams onto his notebook, a loud thud following. Billy glares up at Tommy, rolling his eyes at him. Billy hisses at him, slapping his hand away from his desk. Tommy taunts, showing the notebook to the boy next to him. He tosses the notebook to him as Billy tries to reach over for it. You know, a new girl every night? Billy rolls his eyes, leaning back in his desk, glaring at the idiot.

This was an ongoing thing with Tommy and Blake whenever Billy mentioned Dominique, looked at Dominique, or whenever Dominique was around. Because when I hear you it just sounds like an annoying ass buzz in my ear. Billy wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of both of the boys at the same time.

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Can you guys shut the fuck up now? Why are you wasting your time? The bell rings, signalling the end of class. Billy grabs his belongings and walks out of the class, Tommy and Blake following after him down the hall.

if billy hargrove were alive and partnered with steve harrington [AU]

Billy grumbles, pushing the door open to the parking lot. The boys faces are inches away, Blake looking at Billy in fear. Billy threatens, pushing the boy away from him. Blake shakes himself off, walking away a few feet to calm himself down. We can set you up with Vicki. Leave this shit alone!Billy is the son of Neil Hargrove and an unnamed mother in California. His father was physically abusive to him and his mother. Billy had a passion for surfing as a kid, and his mother was very supportive of him.

He has fond memories of her standing on the beach watching him surf. Billy's mother abandoned him sometime later when he was about ten years old, due to Neil's behavior. Neil eventually married Susan Mayfieldmother of Max Mayfieldwho was introduced to Billy as his "new sister" which he did not like.

Neil's abuse towards Billy turned him into a childhood bully, and he is seen in his memories beating up other kids.

As Max skateboarded towards Hawkins Middle SchoolBilly got out of his car and was noticed by several students including Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler as well as three other girls who admired his figure. On October 31st, Billy waited to pick up Max from school. When she arrived, he chastised her for being late and said next time it happened she would have to skateboard home.

On the way home, Billy noted that Max seemed to enjoy their new town despite her denial of this. Billy then asked her whose fault it was that they had to move to Hawkins; Max muttered that it was his. Billy was enraged by this comment and began speeding and yelling. Max grabbed the steering wheel and swerved to the other lane to avoid collision with the boys. That night, Billy attended Tina's Halloween party and impressed many Hawkins teenagers by winning a drinking contest; a contest that Steve Harrington, a very popular student at their school, had up until then claimed the title of.

Billy quickly gained Tommy H. Tommy H. Although the introduction was brief, it ignited a rivalry between Billy and Steve. Billy joined the school basketball team and played against Steve, demonstrating skill and strength over him. Billy's team won easily against Steve's team. That day, Billy was waiting with a date at his car for Max to come. However, Billy got annoyed waiting for Max and left with his date, being angered further when his date called Max his sister.

billy hargrove fanfiction oc

When Billy next played Steve in basketball, he and Tommy wound him up about his failing relationship with Nancy while in the showers.

Billy also made Steve unnerved by giving him questionable advice about girls in general and that "there are always other bitches".

Billy Hargrove

Billy questioned Max if she knew him, and Max denied knowing Lucas. When Max got into his car, Billy told her that there are people in the world who she should avoid and that Lucas was one of them.

Max tried to stand up for herself, but Billy tightly gripped her arm and reinstated his command. As they drove home, Max quietly cried. Billy was further angered by Max when he saw her with Lucas a second time at the arcade.Anya had not seen Billy Hargrove since her accident.

She spent the next two days recovering in bed, whilst watching the TV her Mom had wheeled into the room. Her car had been written off, so she was now vehicle-less and rather pissed off about it. Patricia had gone outside to pick up the newspaper and seemed to be taking her time about it. Anya had insisted she go back to school, becoming increasingly bored sitting around the house when she felt perfectly fine. She'd had a bit of whiplash and a terrible headache for a while but the painkillers sorted that out for her.

She's agreed that Billy can give you a ride to school and back, until you get a new car,". Anya stopped mid chew of her cereal, staring wide eyed at her Mom, who looked extremely happy with herself. Her Mom sat opposite it her at the breakfast table. He lives next door, you go to the same school, what's the harm?

Moments (Billy Hargrove x Reader)

I would rather walk! The last thing she wanted was to be in such close proximity with that boy, the other night had been bad enough. Anya opened her mouth to make a retort but she found herself speechless.

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God damn it! Her Mom always knew how to put her in her place.

billy hargrove fanfiction

I have enough to do without having to ferry you back and forth, so suck it up. Gathering her school things together, Anya retreated down the steps of her porch. Billy was already leaning against his car, a rather disgruntled expression on his handsome face.

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He caught sight of her straight away and blew a cloud of smoke in her direction. Miserable wasn't the word. Anya let Max clamber into the back before sliding next to Billy, his body heat radiating off him like a space heater. Her heart felt like it was trying to escape her chest cavity. She pictured him skidding to a halt in some deserted part of the road, Anya straddling him and then doing extremely bad things in the front seat of the Camaro.

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