Originally posted by aurieackerman. Late in the evening, Erwin came back from work. He put the suitcase on the floor and carried the box of doughnuts he was holding, and placed it on the living-room coffee table. How was your day, Angel?

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Are you feeling alright? In the meantime, Erwin opened the box of doughnuts and made himself comfortable on the sofa. After a few minutes, you walked into the living-room holding two cups of coffee and offered him one. You grinned back and sat next to him, slinging a leg over his lap and taking a sip from your cup. Then, you kissed his neck lingeringly.

It was not easy being in the meeting room with a boner.

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You were confused but complied anyway. He took the chance to give your asscheeks a hard slap, making you squeak and whimper. You bit your lip at his kinky request before sliding the doughnut down his length, breaking part of the edge of the sweet pastry.

You raised an eyebrow, smirking back at him before pressing your tongue on the tip of his dick, licking it. Being tired of you acting like a brat, he leaned forward and grabbed your hands in his left one. You whimpered slightly before proceeding to eat the doughnut. When you finished, you licked his member to clean up the remaining icing. He leans forward and kissed your lips hungrily, setting your hands free. You ground against him and threw your arms over his shoulders, kissing him back.

Catching you off guard, he threw you on the sofa and flipped you over so you were laying on your stomach. Then, he tied your hands behind your back with his belt.You bit your lip harshly as you tried to keep a handle of the noises threatening to spill out of you, tugging at the ropes that kept your hands tied above your head. Erwin growled at that, head between your legs and peering up at you with his startlingly blue eyes. Erwin was talented in many areas, everyone knew that.

But this was one area only you were able to sample his expertise in.


He let out another appreciative grumble as he felt your pussy clench on his fingers. His mouth worked steadily on your clit, sucking rhythmically in a way that only served to hypnotise you further. You nodded eagerly, still biting your lip and screwing your eyes shut to escape the intensity of the situation. Erwin smiled, satisfied.

You let out a choked sound, the sensations feeling overwhelming but addicting at the same time. Erwin watched you closely through his lashes. He crooked his fingers just right inside you, fucking them into you at a faster pace than before. He sucked harshly at your clit, brushing his teeth against it lightly and revelling in the little squeak you failed to keep under wraps.

And you did, practically at his command. Your breath came out in punches as your entire body was overcome with convulsions, straining against the ties of your wrists.

The blonde hummed in satisfaction as he felt your wetness on his tongue, your pussy squeezing his fingers impossibly tight. But for the most part, you stayed annoyingly silent, letting out a few breathy gasps yet pressing your lips tightly together whenever you wanted to be louder. It only made Erwin more determined. You stared at him in awe with glazed over eyes, still riding the endorphin high. You looked every bit the debauched mess that Erwin wanted you to be.

While you caught your breath, body still relaxed, Erwin took the opportunity to manoeuvre you how he wanted. He sat between your legs, moving one so it was around his waist while using his own leg to pin down the other. The position left your swollen, sopping wet pussy wide open for him.

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It was at this point that you began to take note of the position you found yourself in. You were completely vulnerable and exposed to him, unable to move your arms or your legs. You made a startled sound when he slipped two fingers inside you easily, already clenching and curling your toes.

In his mercy, Erwin started with softer touches before working his way up, wanting to overstimulate you but not the point of causing any real problems. His touch was a constant, unrelenting pressure.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His fingers inside you continued to fuck into you hard, jabbing somewhere that made you see stars. His other hand rubbed your clit just as harshly.This article is about the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps.

erwin smith x reader lemon

Discerning, intelligent, and widely respected, Erwin was an able commander. While he cared deeply for his men, he did not hesitate to sacrifice them for the good and prosperity of mankind, and his men proved more than willing to stake their lives at his order.

Erwin had a commanding presence, standing tall above most members of the Survey Corpswith his blond hair kept neatly parted on the left side. Erwin always wore a calm and collected expression on his face, with his icy blue eyes being one of his most striking features. His eyebrows were also quite noticeable, being very thick and bushy.

Erwin typically dressed in the standard military uniform, donning the Survey Corps ' signature green cape when on missions. He also wore a small, emerald bolo tie around his neck similar to the other military commanders, Nile Dok and Dot Pixis. Following the second appearance of the Armored TitanErwin lost his right arm just below his shoulder as it was bitten off by a Titan.

Erwin was a complex character, portrayed as serious, calculating, and always planning far in the future. While he trusted his men, he was the first to realize that there was a spy interfering with the Survey Corpsand was able to come up with a reasonable criteria to determine which of his soldiers to trust with vital information, and which to keep in the dark.

An eloquent speaker, Erwin was able to sway many people, such as the military tribunal held to judge Eren and the trainees into choosing which recruitment branches to join. Erwin was often seen as a very grim individual. He accepted all news, good or bad, mockery or praise, with the same stoic attitude. His ultimate goal was for humanity to once again rise up and become the dominant species over the Titansa goal he was willing to sacrifice anything for, such as when ordering everyone to save Eren even after being caught in the jaws of a titan, resulting in the loss of his right arm.

As Armin Arlert put it, Erwin, like the aforementioned three men, had the ability to send his men to die if it would further the cause of humanity. He and they would sacrifice their own humanity in order to bring change to a world where those who cannot sacrifice things important to them will not change anything.

Since he was able to make such commitments, he was a master strategist, shown multiple times through actions like capturing the Female Titan and leading a group of Titans to distract the Armored Titan so the military could save Eren. However behind his front of assurance and single-minded determination, Erwin still held his own personal ideals and questioned his own motivations.

Following the rebellion, he admitted he understood his audacious actions and questioned constantly if what he was doing was the right thing.

These views of Erwin proved, in the long run, to be true. During his final expedition in Shiganshinawhen faced with the prospect of sacrificing his own life in order to defeat the Beast TitanErwin proved reluctant to act, refusing to tell anyone the strategy until coerced by Levi. He cared more about discovering the secrets hidden in Eren's basementand finally proving his father 's theories correct, than he did about retaking the lost territory of Wall Maria.

His dream of understanding the world was so strong that he confessed to Levi that he considered it more important than the victory of humanity. He felt great remorse for sacrificing countless others for the sake of his ambitions, admitting to Levi that he felt their fallen comrades watching him, waiting to see what he would do with the lives that they dedicated to him.

As a child, Erwin was a curious and insightful individual who did not accept facts at face value. He asked why humanity had no memory of what happened before they lived within the Wallsbecause even if they had lost all their records, the first generation should have been able to teach their children.Sighing with relief, you stepped into the scalding hot shower, pulling the heavy curtain closed, sealing you off from the rest of the shower room. The door of the showers was tightly shut, trapping the cleansing heat within.

You massaged lavender oil through your thick locks, relishing the feeling of grime being washed away. As you turned to grab the soap, you bumped your injured wrist off the tiled wall. Hissing in pain, you cursed loudly.

Sore as it was now, practising hand to hand with a bad sprain would only damage it further.

erwin smith x reader lemon

Still, you weren't one to complain- having a free afternoon was always a bonus. Well, you were supposed to be cleaning the Mess-Hall but you figured a sneaky shower was on the cards. At least you had the whole showers to yourself, a once in a lifetime event. You got to have the good stall too.

It was a standing joke that one of the showers was permanently stuck on full blast, creating the illusion of a ghost with a shower fetish. The noise of the rushing water from the broken cubicle became part of the background for you recruits. It seemed eerily quiet without Sasha threatening to yank back the shower dividers or Ymir flicking water at everyone. The walls were silent, devoid of the giggles and echoes that normally reverberated around the room.


Holding your throbbing wrist under the scalding stream soothed it somewhat, and as the pain ebbed away, you began to once more appreciate the luxury of hot water. It ran in furrows down your shoulders, trickling between your soaped breasts. Miniscule droplets twinkled on your eyelashes, casting miniature rainbows before your pupils.

As you reluctantly prepared to rinse off, you heard the door open and voices quietly mumbling. The rushing water blotted out the words. You groaned inwardly. Sasha was easy-going but she hated people knowing what she got up to with Connie.Still here! Law school got me busy for a long time, but now that I have a small break, I can totally write a little bit more. Keep reading. Not even half of the people returned, and those who were back made it clear that it was by pure luck that they had not died along with the rest.

Bright red stood out on their dirty and torn clothes, signaling serious injuries that the survivors endured. Levi watched each and every one of them with expert care, convinced he would not see her anywhere. She was stubborn to go on this missionhe thought angrily. I told the idiot more times than I can count, but it seemed that nothing could get inside that damned airhead.

But in the course of those five weeks, he had reflected a lot about it. Almost instantly, the corporal censored himself. Died with the beasts in a failed attempt to prove her worth.

Masked by disapproval, an immeasurable sorrow grew within him. Dead, just like everyone else. Levi could feel the bitterness that came with such thoughts, but he could not help it, his chest ached with the thought he would never again be able to look at ….

Her left arm was bloody and she was limping a bit, but other than that, she was there. She was alive. He felt in a trance, walking hurriedly towards his beloved while pushing anyone that was in his way.

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The shock of their reunion seemed to take all the air from his lungs, and now in front of her, he cupped her face in a mixture of affection and pure disbelief. Taking a deep breath, the corporal inclined his head while moving her face closer.

Everything around them seemed to fade away for a moment, they were nothing more than two beings in a mixture of feelings, living in their own world.

The girl wanted to cry, wanted to smile, all at the same time. For weeks, she and the rest of the team practically crawled back to the walls, surrounded by sadness and the loss of their friends. With him, even surrounded by titans, she could still feel safe. Anonymous said: still there? Anonymous said: hmm sorry, are you gonna use ao3 now? There were survivors, they're coming home.

until execution do us part | Erwin Smith x Male!Reader

Under the cut! Aaah thank you!!!Originally posted by tooruyama. The room was filled with heavy and dusty air which made every breath you took heavier than the last. Filled tension- thick and violent, the room swallowed everyone up in a cocoon. The stones churning in your stomach felt heavier too by every second that passed.

Everyone knew that they wanted to see his limp body dangling from the gallows. Every second you counted passed by slower and slower until you knew you were on the brink of a panic attack. It would end with you either collapsing on the floor in a mix between sobs and hiccups or ending up spewing up your guts all over the floor. Blood filled your mouth after the harsh bite the inside of your cheek suffered from. You had to focus. After a quick swipe of your eyes from where you were standing without moving your body too much, that would be seen as suspicious, the crushing stones in your stomach decreased some.

Now everything depended on the final motion to happen. As your eyes raked the nervous wreck of a man up and down, it suddenly hit you why Erwin had chosen him as a starting point. No matter how duty-filled he was, Nile was still your everyday man who would do anything for his family. The gears were spinning in his head and judging by how calm Erwin looked, he knew his words had taken effect. It was just a question of time. Did he really think that your secret relationship which recently had escalated into an engagement would disappear just as secretly along with him six feet under?

Had he really thought you would stand quietly beside your chief commander Pyxis and watch him be escorted towards his own death without shedding a single tear? Did he not take your feelings into consideration or had he simply forced your entire existence out of his thoughts when this plan was in the making? He was simply hard to get close and intimate with. The two of you belonged in different squads who rarely mingled together unless a titan attack happened.

Plus, the constant fear and anxiety of never seeing him again should have been enough to end the relationship. No matter how cruel it sounded it was the harsh reality.

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That, and the fact that you saw each other a whole lot more because of joint meetings where only commanders and chief officers from the different squad met. Yet your relationship only consisted of sex, stiff conversations where you both tried to avoid the topic about anything titan related, an illusion of feelings and more sex.Brian May x reader x Ben Hardy! Roger Taylor. Warning: I kinda change it so it has a happy ending, hope you like it, though almost everything is angsts.

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Originally posted by ileviuniverse. The first kiss. A taunting moment that came just once, and yet it could change your entire life forever. You first hear soulmates was when you ask your mother about it, you were so curious about it and surprise when you heard for the first time what a soulmate was. Seguir leyendo. Ben Hardy x Brian May!

erwin smith x reader lemon

Gwilym Lee x John Deacon! Joe Mazzello. Tags: destiel-stucky4ever-loki-queen. Originally posted by somuchleftunspoken. You noticed Roger roll his eyes and you were pretty sure Freddie and John did the same, which made you smile even more. Summary: The boys need your help with a song, and it turns even more interesting when you realize what they truly want are your moans.

Originally posted by joemazzhello. In what? You both loved and hated the Geneva base. It was absolutely gorgeous on the outside; a sleekly designed building with a newly erected statue of Jack and a large museum dedicated to the heroes and the world that had risen up after the Omnic Crisis. The thing that you absolutely abhorred, however, was the actual building meant for Overwatch and Blackwatch personnel. You had turned down one hallway too many, utterly lost in the maze of hallways.

Admittedly, you understood why the base was structured the way it was. Overwatch was not a small organization and even Blackwatch was nothing to turn your nose up at, both requiring ample space both administratively and practically. A base that was easily navigated was easily sabotaged, infiltrated and destroyed. So even if you were lost, you could take it in stride.

Plus you had treats for them. You had spent a good portion of the morning filling the basket with their favorites like something out of one of those classic movies or musical Gabriel loved so much. A medium rare roast beef sandwich piled high with layers of carmelized onions, blue cheese, spinach and spicy mustard for Jack an ample handful of mints stuffed along the side to handle the post-sandwich breath. For Gabriel, braised chicken you had simmered the night before stacked high on a roll with tomatoes, fried onions, spring mix and his guacamole spread on top.

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