T he story of the film is powerful, but not as powerful as the story of the actress, who plays herself in real life. Her name is Leidy pronounced 'Lady' Tabares. The film, released inis called The Rose Seller. Abandoned and hardened way beyond her 13 years, like the other street children who make up the cast of the film, she scrapes together the money to feed her habit by selling roses table to table in bars.

That was precisely what Leidy was doing back in when the film's director spotted her, immediately identifying her as the girl he'd been looking for to play his tragic lead role. When the video begins, Leidy, as if lulled by the familiar music, goes into a kind of trance, rocking gently back and forth, as if through the film she is reliving her own childhood.

But a few scenes into the film she eases up. The Rose Seller is darkly atmospheric, but it has its moments of humour and warmth. It helps too, for I was beginning to fear that things might become unbearably tense, that 10 minutes into the drama a waiter arrives bearing room service, in Leidy's case a large hamburger and chips.

But then she remembers something else and stops laughing. She remembers that the little boy on screen never lived to see the film, which took over a year to edit and did not come out untilin the summer she went to Cannes and basked in the glow of a nomination for the Palme d'Or. She starts pointing at the screen. He too is dead.

And him. And him, too. And him Tears trickle down her freckled nose. When was the last time? They showed it on TV. I cried rivers. Life has exceeded art in the case of Leidy and her fellow actors, all of them plucked from the street to play roles which mostly required them to replicate the sordid routines of their nights and days.

She scaled the peaks of luxury, acclaim and fame - hobnobbing with John Travolta and Sharon Stone in the south of France - for a brief while.

Then she dropped right down again, sinking back into her old life, falling in love with an assassin who was shot dead in her home before her eyes - and in front of the one-year-old child they had together. Whereupon she got involved with yet another bad crowd and ended up being implicated in the murder of a taxi driver in August last year.

No one is claiming that she applied the fatal blows but those who did, two teenagers who confessed to the crime, have testified that she and her lover at the time ordered them to do it. Judgment was handed down in October, 20 days after the birth of her second child.

She has spent 10 months in prison but she has been out since August, two months before the boy was born. And though logic suggests that the judge who condemned her to the maximum sentence in such cases considers her to be an extremely dangerous criminal, the leniency of Colombian law towards breast-feeding mothers is such that she remains free until March.

At which point, pending the outcome of an appeal, she will be locked up again, not to re-emerge until she is in her forties.Lady, la vendedora de rosas, is a story based on the real life of Lady Tabares, a woman who has the life of a movie.

Lady was raised in one of the poorest and most crime-ridden neighborhoods in Medellin. She grew up sleeping on the streets and begging for a living before she was sent to an orphanage. She eventually left the orphanage after reuniting with her family and in her teens she dedicated herself to selling roses on the streets.

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By a twist of fate she is chosen to star in the movie La vendedora de rosasa movie that won many awards in several international festivals turning her into a star.

Unfortunately the fame that was easy to get was easy to lose and Lady eventually returned to her old neighborhood to sell roses. The worst then comes when she is sentenced to 26 years in prison for being involved in the death of a man. Lady protested her innocence but was forced to carry out her sentence. While in jail she faced many hardships and struggled for 13 years while maintaining a relationship with her children only via telephone all the while suffering from an unstable physical and psychological condition.

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lady tabares historia real

HDTV i.A Colombian street vendor feted at Cannes after starring in a film about life in the slums of the world's most violent city has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for murder. Leidy Tabares, 21, who was named after Lady Diana, as the Princess of Wales was known in Colombia, is one of the few members of the cast of The Rose Seller still alive.

Many of her co-stars, street people from the slums of Medellin, have been killed in gangland violence since the film was made five years ago.

El drama de la 'Vendedora de rosas', una colombiana que no tuvo niñez

She and her boyfriend, Edison Castaneda, the father of one of her two children, were convicted of the robbery and murder of a taxi driver in August last year. They stabbed Oscar Galvis to death as they robbed him. Tabares was under house arrest yesterday because her son was born less than a month ago, but arrangements were being made to transfer her to a women's prison.

Picked out by the Colombian director Victor Gaviria from the slums of Medellin, the birthplace of the drug cartel headed by Pablo Escobar and still one of the most violent places on earth, Tabares made a living selling roses to partygoers in the city's "Pink Zone" of bars and nightclubs.

lady tabares historia real

Her role in the film mirrored her existence at the time. Based on the story The Little Match Seller by Hans Christian Andersen, The Rose Seller showed real life on the streets of Medellin, where children hawk their wares at traffic lights to stave off hunger in slums where the only employers are Marxist guerrillas, Right-wing paramilitaries or drug barons.

Lady Tabares #LaVendedoraDeRosas en LABIA OPUESTA

In the fairy tale the match girl, unable to sell any matches, freezes to death in the street while dreaming she is being taken to heaven by her grandmother. The film heroine is also unable to sell any of her wares to buy food and starves to death in a city where life is cheap. But the money she made from the film and some acting work that came afterwards was soon spent on drugs and partying, and Tabares returned to the streets from where she had been plucked, making small amounts of money charging journalists for interviews.

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Saturday 04 April Girl from slums who became film star is jailed for murder. By Jeremy McDermott in Medellin. She will be over 40 when she is released.

Lady Tabares Historia Real Free Mp3 Download 320 kbps

The Rose Seller - ForiegnFilms. In Colombia. Top news galleries.See our picks. Title: Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas —. A young woman who was part of the guerrilla seeking a better life in the city, she wants to study medicine, which will be a difficult wish to fulfill, since being part of groups outside the law always leaves consequences.

In a major slum called La Colina, young idealist Hache Ricardo Abarca and his friends will confront the drug dealers who control the neighborhood. They will succeed with the help of music A class exercise from a Masterclass by Spiros Stathoulopoulos where he instructed: "Imagine you are years old and you will die in the next days through euthanasia in Switzerland.

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Rosario is a teenage schoolgirl who lives in a tough Latin neighborhood filled with challenges. Having poverty all around, she faces difficult situations from family, school, rich friends Aspiring teen thieves learn what it takes to be successful pickpockets on the streets of Bogota from a master in the art of trickery and deception.

The crew of a narco submersible has to take desperate measures or else they'll sink with their precious cargo.

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A compelling mixture of a taught thriller and Latin telenova, made by Netflix. Before her eyes, Lady remembers her life. Her mother and brother joined her everyday to fight the hunger and to find somewhere to sleep. Being a little girl, Lady promises herself that one day she will give her mother a big present: a house where they can live as a family. Nevertheless, she will have to struggle before she reaches this dream. She will live in an orphanage, pass through a juvenile detention center and suffer the many deaths of her loved ones.

Years go by and sorrow comes with them, but the movie is finally released. The movie is a great hit at the Cannes Film Festival, and Lady is living her dream of fame and glory.

Soon this will be all over. After a few years, Lady is involved in a crime that will cause her to lose her freedom. Will this woman, who inspired so many in Colombia, stop believing and abandon all Written by Teleset. I found this telenovela really enjoyable. It has a good story and relatable characters.

Girl from slums who became film star is jailed for murder

The story's based on a true story about a girl named Lady Tabares who struggles to survive on the streets with her mom and brother. Helping her out are her friends who are also neighbors in the same apartment run by the boy's grumpy uncle.La mayor parte de ellos, de la Colimocha, una de las tantas felinas que correteaban por los viejos tejados del Buen Pastor, armando un alboroto del demonio.

Se da algunos gustos de hija de familia.

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Le pide a su madre, Magdalena, que le prepare y lleve hasta ese sitio desde el que ve el cielo azul y algunos cerros, un vaso de jugo de papaya con cola granulada, que le encanta.

Un gallo canta en una jaula, al otro extremo de la terraza. De pronto, la madre aparece por la puerta de las escalas. Llega con el jugo. No recuerdo el nombre de la comunidad. Solo que llevaban vestido gris y me pegaban mucho. Me trataron bien. Soy muy de Dios y de la Virgen Una religiosa que la trataba con amor.

Otra vez a pedir limosna, a vender rosas, golosinas A ir por los bares, a las casas de los barrios burgueses La verdad es que tal vez hubiera preferido quedarse con las monjas. Esa era Leidy Tabares. Que ande derechita por la alfombra roja Aunque las disfrutaba Libros de cuentos: Al filo de la realidad y El alma de las cosas. Premio de la Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa. Por John Saldarriaga Publicado el 21 de junio de Datos incorrectos, intenta nuevamente.

HBO libera contenido gratuito en tiempos de cuarentena.Siempre tuvo el cabello largo y muchas pecas, como chispas de oro, en la nariz. Por eso, Leidy se quedaba en El Palo, una carrera que atraviesa el barrio de sur a norte, transitada a diario por miles de carros con destino al centro de la ciudad. El sitio del mercado, las flotas, los bares, las tertulias y los negocios. Caminaron rumbo al sur, hasta llegar a la glorieta de San Diego. Nunca tuvo el valor de atravesar la avenida.

El viaje se le hizo eterno, y las curvas incesantes de la carretera le generaron un gran mareo. Los guardianes la bajaron y se tuvieron que abrir paso entre la gente para dejarla dentro de su hogar. Para Brian es una hermana que apenas conoce. Ella observa callada y expectante.

No puede evitar la ansiedad. Se ha propuesto no llorar y su rostro se esfuerza por negar cualquier asomo sentimental.

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Le cuesta expresar sus emociones y no quiere que nadie se asome a su intimidad. Pero cuando encuentra en esa pantalla el reflejo de momentos fieles de su existencia, los ojos se le encharcan y una cadena de sentimientos afloran.

El juicio que Leidy le hace a La vendedora de rosas tiene que ver con las ausencias de las personas que tanto ha querido.

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lady tabares historia real

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