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Here’s What You Can Do When the Windshield Wipers are Not Working

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mercedes windshield wipers stopped working

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mercedes windshield wipers stopped working

Windshields and Wipers. Why would windshield wiper not work on Mercedes c-class? Wiki User Because the windshield wiper is on. Asked in Jeep Wrangler What would cause the windshield wipers on a jeep wrangler Sahara to stop working? Fuse or windshield wiper motor.

WInshield Wipers stopped working suddenly?

Asked in Windshields and Wipers What are windshield wiper fluid sprayers on the hood called? I would call them a nozzles. If windshield wipers are stuck in position and won't move, I would say that the windshield wiper motor needs replacing. This happened to me last year. Asked in Windshields and Wipers What would cause one windshield wiper not to work on a ford tauras?

Check linkage first and stripped or loose wiper arm on spindle.

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It may be due to a broken linkage. This information is right in the owner's manual. No comment on the wiper arm if it was pulled up to a stationary position prior to removal of the blade. Force does not seem to snap the arm back to the windshield.For anyone who has been in the middle of a storm on a dark road, though, properly working windshield wipers have been a lifesaver. Sometimes a new blade will fix the problem of a poorly performing windshield wiper, but in some cases, the wiper mechanism itself is defective.

In the past decade, several makes and models of vehicles have been under recall for faulty windshield wipers, including:. Mitsubishi Motors North America issued the recall on more thanSUBs when the front windshield wiper ball joint assemblies were found to corrode easily.

This corrosion could lead to the ball joint separating from the wiper link, causing the wiper to fail. If the mechanism came apart while driving, it could cause an accident.

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More thanvehicles in the U. A small electric motor moves the wiper arms across the windshield, and if one of the tiny components in the motor fails or works intermittently, the windshield wipers will not work dependably.

A certified mechanic can diagnose and repair the problem.

Mercedes C class W203 /// Windshield wiper malfunction simple fix

In areas that receive little rain, dust and pollen accumulate quickly on a windshield. Even a few sprinkles can cause a muddy mess on a windshield that appeared pretty clear before the rain began.

Properly working windshield wipers are a must on any vehicle in any environment. According to the Federal Highway Administration, impaired visibility is a major factor in 46 percent of fatal vehicle accidents in the U. Yes, if windshield wipers fail, the driver may suffer impaired vision very quickly as rain, ice or snow accumulates on the windshield. Failed windshield wipers can be considered a vehicle safety defect. Get a Free Case Evaluation Now. This article is not legal advice.

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Your email address will not be published.Well, except for that one dark cloud that looms ahead, directly in your path through the countryside. Relax, it's a short summer cloudburst, and you'll pass through it in a minute or two. Raindrops dance on your windshield, forcing you to turn on your wipers. The blades, however, only twitch.

A few seconds later, the now indispensable rubber strips make a low-speed swipe across the glass, smearing the bugs and grit into a translucent paste, groaning and squeaking every inch of the way. The good news is that you manage to safely steer to the curb and wait out the shower.

But now you've got a problem—your wipers have quit. Actually, a wiper assembly that refuses to move might have a simple blown fuse. But usually fuses don't blow on their own. Even at full stall, the current draw of the motor should be well below the fuse's rating.

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If the fuse is blown, odds are there's something else wrong, like a shorted wiper-motor armature or faulty wiring anywhere along the harness between the motor and the switch. Even a mechanical problem like a seized bushing can make a fuse eventually fail. The fuse is okay, or you've replaced it with one that has the appropriate amp rating.

There's still no action? With the wipers and ignition on, whack the motor assembly with the handle of a screwdriver or a rubber mallet. If that gets things moving, you've got a bad commutator or an open winding on the armature.

When the motor parks, if the brushes are sitting on the bad segment, no current flows. Whacking the whole business smartly can sometimes jolt things into motion.

Because there are often a dozen windings on the armature, the motor runs fine until the next time it comes to rest on the bad spot. The mechanism on windshield wipers is as simple as could be. Inside that gearbox on the motor is a simple worm gear, spinning a ring gear and bellcrank that translate the motor's circular motion to a linear one, back-and-forth. Lack of lubrication, ice buildup or simple corrosion takes its toll and can slow things down.

A loose joint will leave lost motion, which can cause the blades to either flop around or, worse yet, catch each other and get tangled. The bad news: Sometimes it's difficult to access the area under the cowl. Worse news: If you go to the trouble of buying an aftermarket service manual in the hope that it will provide some guidance—any guidance—as to how to remove the cowl, it probably won't. Cars are complicated enough that not every single thing that needs to be taken apart can be fit into a bound book, and straightforward stuff like bodywork often fails to make the cut.

Think about it: Is it ultimately more important to know the torque values for the connecting-rod bolts or where all the screws to the cowl are hidden?

A favorite friction point is the bearing surface between the wiper shaft and its mounting block, which is often nothing more than a steel shaft running through a hole cast in plastic. It's not a bad idea to dismantle the mechanism, wire-brush off any corrosion and reassemble the whole thing with a generous dollop of silicone grease. Disintegrating rubber mounting blocks and crumbling nylon bushings can leave slop in the linkage or cause excess friction that makes the wipers run as though they're coated with molasses.I have aE that all of a sudden the windshield wiper and turn signal stopped working!

Any ideas? Checked fuses, all good! Had a friend use a tester on the fuses and there was power at the fuse and on both sides of the fuse. Are the wiper and turn signal controls on the same stalk from the steering column? If so, the problem is probably with what is called the multi-function switch. Which is located inside the steering column. Yes they are on the same stalk, how hard is it to get at that?

I strongly agree with the multifunction switch. That being said however, it may still be fuses. You state it was a sudden failure, not intermittent. The fuses on a Mercedes need to all be changed every ten years at the maximum. They may look good, and even test good at that precise second, but they can fail in the rack. If the multi-function switch is bad make sure a good mechanic replaces it.

Replacing the old fuse was the fix for a similar problem I had. GreigC July 4,pm 1. Check fuses. After that, are you handy with a voltmeter? GreigC July 5,pm 3. Tester July 5,pm 4. GreigC July 5,pm 5. Wiper motors and switches usually give some indication before failure, but not always. GreigC July 5,pm 8.This page is for personal, non-commercial use. Keeping your windshield clear is paramount to a safe driving experience.

In order to keep your windshield clear, your windshield wipers need to operate properly. Your wiper blades are torn. The condition of your wiper blades is directly related to how well your windshield wipers work. If the rubber edges on your wiper blades are torn, the wiper will not make proper contact with the windshield to clear moisture or debris away.

The small gap left by the missing rubber can actually trap additional dirt that may scratch or gouge your windshield glass. Replace torn wiper blades immediately so your visibility isn't compromised.

The windshield wipers have ice or snow on them. Windshield wipers are able to remove small amounts of snow from your windshield, but heavy, wet snow needs to be cleared by a snow brush before operating your wipers. Wet snow can be so heavy on your wipers that your blades can get bent, the wiper arms can skip or strip at the pivots, and the wiper motor or transmission can get damaged.

Remove heavy snow from your windshield before using your wiper blades. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, like Spokane, Washingtonor Salt Lake City, Utahyou may want to invest in winter wiper blades.

The wiper motor has failed. The windshield wiper motor is an electrical motor.

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As an electrical component, it can short out or quit unexpectedly and require replacement. Replace the windshield wiper motor right away. The windshield wiper fuse is burnt out. When the windshield wiper motor is overloaded, the associated fuse burns out. The fuse is designed to be a weak spot in the windshield wiper circuit.

That way, if the motor is overloaded for any reason, the fuse will burn out first, instead of the more expensive wiper motor. If the wiper motor fuse burns out, check for any obstructions that may cause the motor to be overloaded.

Heavy snow on the wiper blades or a wiper blade or arm caught on something or snagged together can cause the fuse to blow. Clear the obstruction and replace the fuse. Wiper pivot nuts are loose. The wiper arms are connected to the wiper transmission by a nut on a pivot. The pivots are usually splined with a stud protruding.

The wiper arms are splined as well and have a hole through the base. A nut tightens onto the pivot stud to hold the wiper arm tightly to the pivot. If the nut is a little loose - which is common - the wiper motor will turn the pivot but the wiper arm will not move.How to fix the intermittent setting for the windshield wipers on your Mercedes-Benz W This instructable will show you how to remove the relay, test the switching of the relay, and fix what is really failing on this part the capacitors.

When I purchased my Mercedes D, the windshield wiper intermittent setting detent 1 on the wiper selection bar did not work properly.

mercedes windshield wipers stopped working

When selected, the windshield wipers would either work exactly like the slow and continuous setting detent 2 or they would be intermittent for a cycle or two and then go back to slow and continuous. After some googling, I found out that a relay is responsible for turning the wipers on and holding them off for the short delay and was the source of my problem. This seemed too much for me and I don't know of any good junkyards around me, so I decided to take the relay out, open it up and attempt to fix it.

After only a little bit of work and some light soldering, I was able to fix the relay and now it works just like new. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

mercedes windshield wipers stopped working

What you will need: No. The originals are 16V, but a higher voltage rating 25V, 35V is fine. These can be purchased at RadioShack. Brasso Windex. First you will need to take out the lower kick panel on the drivers side. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove TWO plastic screw-type clips from either side of the bottom of the kick panel. These require a 90 degree turn in one direction and then should pop right out.

Then, take out the THREE screws that hold the top of the kick panel to the bottom of the instrument cluster dash panel. With a small amount of jiggling and a little muscle, the kick panel should come out. Now, use your flashlight to light up inside the dash where the kick panel used to be. The relay is hidden behind a heater tube against the back wall behind the instrument cluster.

If you were to see through the instrument cluster, it would be almost directly behind the fuel gage. It will take a little bit of stretching but should pop right out. Use a screwdriver to pry the shell off of the main relay circuit board.

Be gentle here, you do not want to break anything. The relay should look like the photos above. Now take your power supply it can be 2 9V batteries, a 12V battery, or an actual power supply. Use a small length of wire to connect the positive terminal of the battery to one of the relay posts and the negative terminal to the second relay post.

When you touch the second terminal of the relay, the relay should switch. It may seem like you need 3 hands here, but try to keep the body of the relay circuit board steady because this relay is pretty heavy-duty and carries a lot of force when it switches.

If the relay does not switch, then the relay itself is bad and it may make the most sense at this point to go out and purchase a new Bosch part.

If it does switch, move on to the next step. In the photo below you will see some light brown residue on the top capacitor. On my relay, my capacitors had cracks in them and were leaking electrolyte. This is an indication of a defective capacitor.

Note the location of the positive and negative terminals on the capacitors.Adjusting the speed does nothing. I can hear no sounds. What is probably wrong with this? Is it possible to fix myself or with the help of one or more of my mechanically inclined family menbers? When something electrical fails always check for a blown fuse, if the fuse is blown replace it with a fuse of the SAME AMPERAGE, do not do what that other guy said about using a higher amperage fuse or you could be burned alive like Joan of Arc and we both know you arn't as pure as she was.

So it would be completely pointless for you to be martyred unnecessarily. NOW, if the fuse blows again. Suspect the wiper Motor, replace it.

If the fuse still blows- you have a Short Circuit and all the wires in the WW circuit will need to be checked. Did you by any chance operate the wipers while they were frozen to the windshield of when the windshield was covered with snow? This might blow the fuse, burn out the motor or break the linkage from the motor to the wipers. I think one of your many mechanically inclined relatives whom you no doubt have wrapped around your little finger is perfectly capable of fixing your problem.

One wonders why you didn't ask one of them in the 1st place since they are no doubt falling all over each other for your attention. Is this one of those Mercedes that has wipers on the headlights too? You beautiful rich girls are all alike.

Hey, just picking on you. Not sure under the hood but its a basic fix for most cars. Some parts will have to come off or be moved but not worth getting charged outrageous labor fee. If the part is expensive and easy to remove call some junkyards. But some of the local you pick your own part places have killer deals. Just replace the fuse in the place on the fuse panel that says "windshield whip" its a 10 amp fuse, this time put in a 20 amp fuse In your fuse box left of steering wheel there will probably be extra ones SO, the windshield wipers on my Mercedes d just stopped working.

Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Riggs Lv 6. Boo girl Look in the old fuse at the very top it will be black and burnt. Mercedes are good cars so are the windshield motors. How do you think about the answers?

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